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Tumor Suppressor gene

There is a group of gene which reduce the probabilities of occurring cancerous cell or inhibit the abnormal proliferation by different metabolic activities. And a cell with the mutated Tumor suppressor gene or functionally reduced TSG can progress it to cancer.
1. P53 gene:- The protein produced by this gene is of 53 kd, hence the name. It prevent a cell from completing a cell cyclem, 1) if its DNA is damage and 2) the cell is not prepared or injured for normal proliferation. So in these cases it halts the cell cycle until the damaged is reapired and if the damage is too critical then it triggers the cell to commit suicide by programmed cell death of Apopstosis. 70% of colon cancer, 50% of breast cancer and 50% of lung cancer is for mutation of this gene.

2. Rb gene:- it the condition are not adequate to perform the cell divison this gene stops the cell cycle in S phage by blocking the transcription factor c-myc and c-fos, which are necessary factors for the mitosis. And whe…

"EAT ME" signals by cancerous cell to immune cell for their own destruction

Some cancerous cell carry the answer to their own destruction, researcher at Stanfrod University had found that cancerous cell carry a  protein Calreticulin (CRT) which instruct the immune cell to "KILL ME". But the reason immune cell do not follow this instruction as there is another protein CD47 which instruct immune cells "DONT KILL ME".
   So the cell with high expressin CD47 blocks the function of CRT. so if we can somehow modify these property we may able to find a cure to cancer.